EMHS Corporate Overview

Finding a Different Way . . .

EMHS (Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems), is  “reinventing”  how we deliver healthcare. These times are extraordinarily important in healthcare, and EMHS must be prepared so Maine people continue to receive the right care, at the right time, and at the right place. Nationally, attempts to cut costs have not worked. It’s time to redesign care to be more effective and less expensive. If we don't change with the times - and in most cases, anticipate and be in front of the market changes - we will have difficulty fulfilling our mission and will increasingly be subject to rather than managing the dynamics of healthcare delivery and reimbursement changes. 

There is a way to provide the very best care, but save in cost. It’s about taking the most experienced and talented providers and professionals and discovering ways of providing care differently. We must be able to thrive in an environment that pays us for how well we keep people rather than how many tests and procedures we order. The foundation for what we call “EMHS Reinvented” is our Bangor Beacon Community. As one of only 17 federal Beacon sites in the nation, we partnered with other healthcare organizations to create a  healthcare  model that  not only helps make care more cost efficient, but easier to navigate, and easier to understand. I invite you to view the Bangor Beacon Community website (www.bangorbeaconcommunity.org) and view some of the remarkable stories from people  who have benefited from ”care coordination”  and are now living life to the fullest. After all, it’s not only about providing great healthcare, it’s about improving lives.
Together We’re Stronger

At EMHS, we say Together We’re Stronger! And those words have never been truer than they are today as together we reinvent healthcare delivery in central, eastern, and northern Maine. 

A Pioneer – and Accountable

We are one of 32 Pioneer accountable care organizations in the nation. That means that we are piloting a program that is intended to improve the coordination, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and cost of healthcare. While accountable care organizations are intended to improve the care delivered to Medicare patients, the model is transforming the overall healthcare delivery system. Currently within EMHS, approximately 8,000 people in our system are included in this model. These people receive Medicare benefits and see primary care providers who are participating. We know that more services and higher spending don’t always result in better outcomes – in fact, often exactly the opposite results. Through accountable care, the structure of care delivery shifts from how much a healthcare provider does to how well the patient does.

Our Geisinger Partner in Care

The Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania has achieved a national reputation for developing and implementing healthcare innovations that result in quality and value. Geisinger Health System and Geisinger Health Plan, the insurance component of the system, are viewed across the country as the model accountable care organizations. It’s a structure that puts doctors in charge to partner with their patients on their good health.

In announcing the EMHS-Geisinger partnership in 2012, Glenn Steele, MD, PhD, president and CEO of Geisinger Health System stated that people in rural Pennsylvania have benefited from Geisinger’s innovative efforts to redesign care focused on the needs of each patient, regardless of their health status. He said, “EMHS has a parallel, forward learning culture, and the necessary building blocks for accountable care. We look forward to partnering with EMHS, and demonstrating that our proven model can be successful in other rural areas.”  

Lean on Me

The employees of EMHS consult with one another, sharing ideas, experience and expertise, so we can deliver better and more efficient care. All of our member organizations bring unique qualities, skills, and resources to other EMHS members, helping the whole become stronger. Whether it’s a local doctor taking care of families or a specialty surgeon backing up that doctor in times of crisis, or a care coordinator helping someone learn how to live with a chronic disease, our system of hospitals, provider offices, extended care facilities, home health experts, and other healthcare services brings the resources of more than 8,000 dedicated professionals to every patient.

Strength in Numbers

As a healthcare system, EMHS members enjoy stronger buying power for healthcare materials and resources, which become more expensive, every year. Because we make many purchases as a group, our members are able to direct more financial resources to patient care, offering savings and also care that might not be affordable without the system buying power. EMHS participates in a regional purchasing collaborative with a hundred other hospitals and health systems. 

Working together we’re taking care of the region of Maine we call home. Together we are working to strengthen our communities and our system. It’s what we do. Together We’re Stronger.

Who we are

EMHS is a well-organized regional healthcare system serving all of central, eastern, and northern Maine. Our excellent hospitals offer access to high quality healthcare, while striving for efficiencies that will control costs and stabilize availability.