Board of Directors

EMHS Foundation is governed by community volunteers who bring to their work a broad spectrum of skills, experience, and public service.

The Board of Directors bears the final authority and accountability for EMHS Foundation.  The board governs in order to fulfill the mission of EMHS Foundation and provide responsible stewardship.

Sarah Carlisle    
Suzanne Cyr    
Michael R. Crowley, President    
Michael J. Fendler    
Larry Geaghan    
M. Michelle Hood, Member    
Laurie Muzzy    
E. Anthony Newton    
Anita L. Peavey-Haskell    
John J. Quirk, Jr.,    
Richard Sawyer    
Lizabeth Schley    
Lynne A. Spooner, Chair    
Karen Stanley    
Robert D. Umphrey, Jr., Vice Chair